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What is coaching?

Coaching is a way of assisting people to create a desired change from where they are to where they want to be. It is about having support from a coach who believes in you and who will encourage and provide you with tools to reach your ultimate goals.

Coaching is walking beside the client and occasionally giving the client a push when necessary, to discover their true potential.

As a client your thinking will be challenged and you will be encouraged to think of new ways of creating transformation. You will be given valuable feedback and a chance to overcome limiting beliefs and substitute your old belief with new supporting beliefs.

Coaching will move you forward as we focus more on the now and how to create the NEW and will re-ignite your passion.

You can be coached on any area you choose; career, relationships, health, communication, self confidence, hobbies, finances, business.

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Mission Statement

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Change Management Coach

Hi, I am Karen and I am passionate about people and their successes, be it in their relationships, health, wealth or career.

About 18 years ago when I experienced a major life shock I committed to making changes and did so with the help of amazing personal development courses that I attended. This was such an incredible, supporting gift that I gave myself, that it has guided me to giving it to others. Hence the birth of Pathways Unlimited where I can help people who are wanting to transition through change smoothly.

I come from an academic background having taught teenagers for 25 years. With all the knowledge I have gleaned, I pursued my passion in supporting and guiding teenagers and running Personal Development workshops. I was a school counselor for many years at a Private school in South Africa.

I have attended and facilitated on many Personal Development workshops such as Relationships, Power of self esteem, the More to Life weekend and I am also a mentor for the Power of Communication workshop - all run by the More to Life foundation - an international organisation. I have attended Brandon Bay's Journey work and Journey work for kids, Byron Katie's work on Loving what is  , Life skills for Kids  (based on Louise Hay's teachings), EQ conference, Stress management workshop and many other courses. Through The Coaching Institute in Melbourne and all the other incredible teachings and workshops I have attended, I am doing what I love - assisting people who are stuck in their lives and are wanting to move themselves forward to reach their ultimate goals.

I provide strategies for people and young adults who are at a crossroad in their lives. I guide them to explore new paths (which are only limited by their imagination) and ultimately have clarity and a new passion for life.

I am so blessed to be able to coach people from all over the world and have coached people in South Africa, USA, New Zealand, The UK and Australia.

I have two sayings which have been part of my life for many years. The one is " This too shall pass" and the other " Onward and Upwards". 

I would love to be part of your journey assisting you to become the most magnificent YOU that you can be.